Giant Belgian Pink

Giant Belgian Pink
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Product Description

82 day Indeterminate. Giant Belgian is an old heirloom that has made the record books time and again. HUGE 1 to 2 pound fruits are the norm, but Giant Belgian has tipped the scales at over 5 POUNDS.

If you and your buddies are having that all exclusive "My tomato is bigger than your tomato" contest, this is what you want. Remove all but 2-3 fruits from each vine, remove all the side suckers, feed constantly with a 5-10-10 fertilizer, and you just might win this contest.

If it's good food you're after, then ignore all the above information and grow them just like any other tomato plant. The dark pink fruits have a smooth blossom end, super sweet mild flavor and they are low-acid. Giant Belgian is so sweet, they even use them to make wine. Yeh, I said wine. You can form your own opinion on that one. Solid flesh and huge size equals 1 slice per burger. That's more my area of interest. 25 seeds per pack.

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