Habanero Yellow

Habanero Yellow
Item# habanero-yellow

Product Description

90 day- 325,000+ scovilles- extremely hot.

These blocky, wrinkled peppers measure about 2 inches long and slightly less wide, maturing from silvery-green to lemon yellow on the plant. Plants are around 3 feet tall and produce a profusion of fruits. The name habanero is translated to mean 'from Havana'. Habaneroes are famous for 10 alarm chili, super salsa and can be used early for green sauce.

We had these peppers tested for Scoville heat units. Results are +/- 15%:

red- 300k chocolate- 425k white- 410k yellow- 325k orange- 300k The average over-all was 352,000

25 seeds per pack. As with all extremely hot peppers, we ask you to be careful. All parts of these peppers can cause irritation. This includes the seeds. Be careful. Wear gloves. Please.

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