Marianna's Peace

Marianna's Peace
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80 day Indeterminate. Marianna's Peace is an early 1900 potato leaf heirloom from Czechoslovakia. The light red beefsteak type tomatoes weigh up to 1-1/2 lb. The flavor is exceptional. One of the best tasting tomatoes on the market. Timeless Tomatoes is located in the Czech capital of the U.S.A. --- Wilber, Nebraska. I'm not Czech, but I am surrounded by them. They all agree, this tomato is a winner! An excellent tomato for almost any use, salads, trays and sandwiches. If you want to attend the National Czech Festival, here in Wilber, it's the first week in August. A good time will be had, by all. Prepare your tummy for duck, dumplings and kraut with Kolaches for dessert. Oops, I almost forgot...25 seeds per pack.

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