Peter Pepper- 3 Color Blend

Peter Pepper- 3 Color Blend
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Product Description

90 day- 12,000 scovilles- medium hot

This is a blend of 3 colors, in one convenient package. Red, yellow and orange. This offer is NOT packaged seperately.

These anatomically correct peppers don't need a lengthy description. The 4 to 6 inch wrinkled fruits are born on 30 inch plants. Staking is recommended.

They might shock your grandma, but these really do taste good.

And ladies, it's kinda fun to dice them up into little pieces. LOL (Just kidding guys).

Great for chili and they can be dried, for chili powder. Great on the grill, stuffed or plain. Taste is similar to a Jalapeno..... a hot Jalapeno.

15 seeds per pack.

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