Peter Pepper- RED- Alfrey's strain

Peter Pepper- RED- Alfrey's strain
Item# peter-pepper-red-alfrey39s-stra39

Product Description

90 day- 12,000 scovilles- medium hot These anatomically correct peppers don't need a lengthy description. The 4 to 6 inch wrinkled fruits are born on 30 inch plants. Staking is recommended. They might shock your grandma, but these really do taste good. Great for chili and they can be dried, for chili powder. Great on the grill, stuffed or plain. And there is always salsa. Taste is similar to a Jalapeno..... a hot Jalapeno.

Super easy to grow. Bottom heat is always recommended for peppers, but this one can easily germinate without it. I have a lot of fun with these at farmers market. Ask $1.00 each and you will sell out shortly. Compact plants don't take a lot of garden space. Can also be grown in containers. I have good luck with 5 gallon buckets or 3 gallon pots. 25 seeds per pack

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