Rocoto Manzano Canario- yellow

Rocoto Manzano Canario- yellow
Item# rocoto-manzano-canario-yellow

Product Description

110 day- 50,000 shu- very hot The Rocoto originates from the Andes Mountains in Peru, where itís also called Manzano. Manzono means apple, because its shape resembles an apple. It is also called Locoto in Bolivia, Chilli Peron, Chilli Caballo and Chilli Ciruelo. The most distinguishing feature of these peppers are their black seeds. The peppers themselves are very pungent, approx 2in long and 1 1/2in wide and resemble miniture bell peppers. Rocoto matures from green to yellow. Rocotos can be a slow to germinate, so be sure to keep the soil temperature above 75F, although once mature these plants are very resistant to low temperatures. 25 seeds per pack

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