Sweet Peppers- coming soon

Sweet Peppers- coming soon
Item# sweet-peppers-coming-soon

Product Description

The sweet peppers are not available quite yet.

We are waiting on germination tests. Once that is ready, we will begin packing them. Our goal is December 31, so please check back.

To follow is a list of the varieties we will be offering: In no particular order: Big Red, Emerald Giant, Keystone, Peperoncini, Pimento, Sunbright, Yolo Wonder, Purple Beauty, Jupiter, Capistrano, Aconcagua, Chocolate Bell, Yellow Bell, Orange Bell, Orange Sun, Big Green, Red Bountiful, White Bell, and the mini's in red, yellow and chocolate. I may have missed a few.

We will also be offering 3-4 different blends. Mini's for sure. And a mix of 7-8 different colors. These are extremely popular.

Prices will be in the $1.65 to $1.75 range, 20 seeds per pack. And, always FREE SHIPPING.

Please check back often. It's possible we will get these online before the 31st. A little prayer might help.

Thanks so much for looking. And we wish you all Happy Holidays.

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