Tepin - Chiltepin

Tepin - Chiltepin
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150 day- 150,000+ scovilles- extremely hot

The Tepin pepper or Chiltepin grows wild in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and northern Mexico. It is a member of the birdís or birdís eye pepper family. Tepin is believed to be the "original" western wild chile. The original native American wild chile from which all others have descended.

Tepin peppers measure between 150,000 and 265,000 on the Scoville heat index, making it the 8th hottest in the world. (Jalapenoes are only about 5,000 Scovilles, by comparison.)

Itís tiny. 1/4- to 1/2-inch diameter peppers are about the size of a large pea. The fruits gradually mature from green to red. If you want to harvest them all, pick them green or the birds will beat you to it! For some reason birds are not affected by the extreme heat.

AKA Chiltepin Bird Pepper, Mosquito Pepper and Habenero Killer. Tepin is good way to impress the neighbors. Or make them go home.

25 seeds per pack

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