Tomatillo- Toma Verde- husk tomato

Tomatillo- Toma Verde- husk tomato
Item# tomatillo-toma-verde-husk-tomato

Product Description

Toma Verde Tomatillo seeds are easy to grow with prolific yields of early-maturing tomatillos. These are not tomatoes, but more closely related to the gooseberry. Compact plants from Toma Verde tomatillo seeds are hardy and adapt well to a variety of climates. Fruits are 3 inches in diameter. Firm, uniform green fruit are wrapped in a papery husk that turns from green to tan and splits open as the fruit reaches full size and maturity. Fruits are tart when enjoyed fresh, and turn sweet when roasted. A Mexican favorite, try Toma Verde in savory sauces, snappy salsas, soups and dips. This plant works well in five gallon (or larger) containers

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