Yellow Trinidad moruga Scorpion

Yellow Trinidad moruga Scorpion
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The Trinidad moruga Scorpion pepper originates from Trinidad and Tobago, in the district of Moruga. In 2012 she was hailed as the hottest pepper in the world, with a Scoville rating that exceeds 2 million. (A Jalapeno is rated between 5,000 and 10,000) Today, the Scorpion has been beat by the Carolina Reaper. But 2 million Scoville units is plenty hot enough. OUCH. The super hot peppers are a little tricky to get started. They require vigilence. Some can take 30 days to germinate, so don't give up. Water, but not too much. Heat, but not too much. Light, but not too much. But, once you've got 2 sets of leaves on a strong plant, you are on your way to future pain and agony. The plants get about 4 feet tall and production is amazing. They will require a 90 to 120 day growing season, or longer. Stake the plants. Stems are strong, but the abundance of fruit can pull the plants over. Use extreme caution when handling any part of this pepper. That warning includes the handling of these seeds. Wear gloves. Please.

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